What we do:

We provide financing to companies seeking money for:

  • Growth
  • Acquisition
  • Re-structure

Over the past 20 years, Lawrence Financial has supplied an average of $30 million per month of funding, working with hundreds of companies in virtually every industry.

How we are different:

We have a track record of success working with difficult and highly complex situations.

We have close relationships with hundreds of funding sources, including commercial banks, hedge funds, asset-based lenders and a wide range of other sources.

We explore every resource to obtain the funds you need, from receivables, inventory and purchase orders, to equipment, real estate, lease values and intellectual property such as trademarks and patents.

We don't require exclusivity. You are free to "shop" our term sheets to other lenders, to be sure you are getting the best loan available.

We respond quickly and clearly. We know you want straight answers, fast, and that's what we give you.

How to get started:

Let us give you a "no obligation" analysis of your existing loan structure, and of your financing needs.

If there are better options available to you, we will help you find them.

And if your existing arrangements are the best fit for you, we'll tell you so!

Contact us at 310.260.4700 or LNHurwitz@LawrenceFinancial.com.